Labradoodle FAQs

How  many kinds of  Labradoodles are there?

Here at  Cream Puff Labradoodles we breed Australian  Labradoodles combined from the Grand Old Australian lines with exciting new American lines (See “Our Dogs” tabs for more on our Breeding Philosophy). Australian Labradoodles have the tendency to be the most allergy  friendly and the most consistent in conformation. Please  read the following information to understand the difference in an  early generation Labradoodle (F1) compared to a Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle.  You cannot create an  Australian Labradoodle with just a Poodle and a Labrador.  Australian  Labradoodles are so much more than that. The temperament, structure,  size and exquisiteness that you are looking for in your family pet  you will find in our Australian Labradoodle puppies.   American  Labradoodles are a Lab/Poodle Cross and back cross and when the lines are carefully chosen their  temperament can be just as wonderful as an Australian Labradoodle.   Occasionally the coats are not as consistent in an American  Labradoodle as they are with the Australian Labradoodles, but they  are still very often VERY low to no shedding and an excellent option  for someone who does not have an allergy or low shedding issue.

You’ll  find you can go to many places and get a puppy that may look like  our Labradoodles as puppies & get them much cheaper, but there is generally a reason for this.   Just like all cheese is not the same ie American processed “cheese food” vs a nice aged real old world cheddar, not all dogs are created  equal, nor are all Labradoodles.  All Labradoodles are NOT  non-shedding or Hypo-Allergenic.  It is very important that you do  your homework and know what it is you are looking for and what you  are getting.  You don’t want to make a 14 year commitment to a dear family pet on purchase price alone.   Ask about the parents testing, their pedigree, their tempements just to  name a few.  As a breeder, it takes a great deal of time, patience  and money to raise healthy, happy Labradoodles with wonderful  temperaments which is then passed down to the puppies that will go  on to be your much loved family pet.  Keep all of this in mind, as the  price of your puppy will reflect in all that goes into your new  family member.



Temperament and Soundness are the two KEY elements in a good family companion; they must not be sacrificed for any reason



The coat  in the Australian Labradoodles is one of the things that make them  so special. The low to non-shedding is a big plus and adds to the  allergy-free factor. The following are the three kinds of coats you  will find all Labradoodles have:


Coat types  are also still very sporadic with many dogs showing a combination of  multiple types. Both the Fleece and the Wool coat should naturally  grow in "staples" and be of a soft texture.  Both the "Ideal" Fleece  and Wool coats spin successfully.  As the genetic values stabilize,  we hope the "Ideal" coats are as follows:


Coat  patterns in Australian Labradoodle include the following:

These  Colors may appear in one of the following patterns:


NOTE:  Information above taken from the ALAA & ALCA websites


blue-dog-paw-print single paw



blue-dog-paw-print medium blue paws blue background one print
blue-dog-paw-print medium blue paws blue background one print


blue-dog-paw-print medium blue paws blue background one print