Our Dogs and Philosophy:

CREAM PUFF LABRADOODLES offers some of the highest quality AUSTRALIAN LABRADOODLES that can be found anywhere.   Please click on the pictures below to learn more about our wonderful dogs.

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We have searched extensively for just the right mix of Grand Old Australian Lines combined with exciting new American Lines to breed what we believe is your perfect companion dog.  We believe the original founders of the Australian Labradoodle (Tegan Park and Rutland Manor) intended that the breed be a fleece coated dog comprised of the perfect mixture of mostly Poodle and Labrador resulting in a mixture of 3 breeds with the Cocker Spaniel being a small influence to “silken” the coat.  By following ALAA guidelines and researching our dogs pedigrees extensively,  we believe that we offer something special as we maintain a poodle content in our Australian Labradoodle program at around 75%.  We hold that the texture and softness of our puppies’ beautiful silky fleece coats speaks for themselves!   We propose that the gorgeous fleece coat and consistency of coat in the “Perfect Australian Labradoodle” is what sets the breed apart from the purebred poodle and other “Doodle” mixes. (see “Doodle History” tab for more information regarding the 3 breed “mixture” comprising Australian Labradoodles.)

Please do your homework before purchasing a puppy.  You should research the pedigrees of the parent dogs and know what breeds are represented in the pedigrees of any puppy you are considering buying.  In the case of our puppies, we’ve already done that research for you and would be happy to share it with you.

NOTE regarding “ALF generations.”  In 2008, the ALAA changed how “ALF generations” should be listed by its members.  It was felt that ALF Generation numbers were confusing to a potential buyer and their use was discontinued.  It is more about the coat type of a puppy and their parents coats than an higher “ALF” number when choosing an Australian Labradoodle puppy.   Helping you chose the puppy with the coat that matches your needs  is where the breeder becomes invaluable to informing your decision.




Click here for our retired but not forgotten dogs who have contributed greatly to our program!

PLEASE NOTE:  We are NOT a KENNEL - all of our dogs live in different homes as cherished pets!!!

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